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Discover our creations


Here you can find some of our hardware / software creations.

Unfortunately, working with large technology companies we cannot show you everything, we deeply respect non-disclosure agreements but there's a lot more...



The first product made by Corby was the Arcade video game called "Sing Box The Arcade", a karaoke machine capable of discriminating the note sung and giving a score to its performance. A unique feature at the time, Sing Box provided at the end of the song a qr code to download the video of their performance already assembled with introduction and credits, all in a matter of seconds.

Captivating and colorful graphics accompanied players in their experience as a star. The involvement of people in the use of Sing Box was more than tangible, so much so that the game ended up on national news and was elected arcade game of the year by more than one industry website



Sing Box is no longer on sale due to the expiration of the record licenses but it’s successor, "Everybody Sings", which was bound to be released  in the summer of 2020, will hit the market in the second quarter of 2024.

Thanks to an agreement with one of the world's largest music majors, Everybody Sings will have a sustainable license payment system and will have a very long life.


Disposable Heroes is first development experience for systems equipped with a VR Headset.


The game has 2 different environments:

- Urban Warzone

- Haunted Town Warzone

The game was commissioned for a private demonstration of a virtual reality headset combined with a"walk in place" locomotion system.


However Disposable Heroes is not available online and we cannot make you try this oldie until rights expiration.

In 2025, when the rights have expired, we will publish it free to play for those who are curious.

a warzone and a horror one.

The game was commissioned for a private demonstration of a virtual reality headset and is not available online. In 2025, when the rights have expired, we will publish it free to play for those who are curious.

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2016 -Quick mc²

mc² is a powerful utility to:

- Record your boat's rolling.

- Replay and analyze collected data.

- Know your stabilizer performance.

- View a 3D reproduction of recorded sessions.

mc² is available on Android and IOS.

2019 - Mitek

Mitek App allows you to check battery status, speed in knots, RPM, temperature and more from the
comfort of your mobile phone wherever you are.
The Mitek app will transform your smartphone into a completely reliable monitoring system that allows
you to navigate in peace while keeping everything under control.
Are you worried about your battery percentage? Don’t worry. With our instant efficiency indicator you can
analyse your navigation style and see at what speed your system is running and consuming less energy. It
will also help you get the most out of your electric motor. The higher the efficiency value, the more miles
you can cover with 1 kWh. Put your motor to the test!
Set out to discover the most remote coves.
Day sailing or night sailing? This will not be a problem. You can choose between bright and dark modes to
improve readability in low light conditions, reduce eye strain and customize the app to suit your needs.

Nothing will keep you away from your electric motor. With the Mitek app, you can keep an eye on it at all
times and stay up to date on the current battery charge status and the route taken.


2019 - Mitek Black Box

Mitek Black Box is A PCB responsible to cast all of your electrical engine data to your mobile.

It features:

  • - CAN bus interface

  • - WiFi

  • - Bluetooth Low Emission

  • - IMU

  • - GPS

  • - Nextion Display port.

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